Is Royal Arch Masonry for You?


Are you a Master Mason who aspires to attain the summit of ancient craft Masonry?


Are you a Master Mason who realizes that you are not yet in possession of all the rights and light of a Master Mason.


My brethern, that goal of your aspirations is near at hand in Royal Arch Masonry.


Royal Arch Masonry

The value of Royal Arch Masonry will be justly appreciated by all who are exalted to the sublime and honorable degree of Royal Arch Mason. Particularly by those who are seeking to complete their masonic education. It reveals the full light of ancient craft masonry and presents it as a complete system in accordance with the original plan and confers at last the rights and light of a Master Mason, in fact as well as in name. It truly leads to a fuller understanding of the purposes and spirit of freemasonry.


Membership Requirements

Our membership consists only of those who have been regularly initiated, passed and raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason in a just and duly constituted lodge of Prince Hall Affiliated Free and Accepted Masons who are properly vouched for.


Becoming a Royal Arch Master Mason

Before going any further you must understand that you must be a Master Mason and a current member of a Blue Lodge before you can be considered for membership in a Royal Arch Chapter. If you are a Master Mason, please by all means read on my Brother.


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Most Excellent Grand High Priest


Raymond H. Washington


Most Excellent Juiett Allison Grand Chapter

Holy Royal Arch Masons

of Tennessee, PHA, Inc.


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